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RE: New Federal Law (COPPA)

  • From: Roeland Meyer (E-mail)
  • Date: Mon Apr 24 11:41:49 2000

> Ron Buchalski
> Sent: Monday, April 24, 2000 7:04 AM

> It's still up to parents to make sure that their kids are surfing the 
> Internet responsibly, but I don't know that the law assumes 
> this in order to protect ISPs.

>From what I've been reading, there is no such assumption. Add to this the inability to authenticate anyone's identity and we have a small problem. ISPs aren't liable unless their web-hosting customers setup something risque. Then, it appears to be an issue of whether the ISP actually has control of the host that is running the material. This may be another nail in the coffin for the web-hosting business.

It appears that we have two camps, those wanting authentication and those who resist the idea. COPPA appears to come from the authentication camp, as a whip to "encourage" the resistors to come up with a means to authenticate the users.

Also, one might note that the US legal system has been on an anti-parent binge for decades. Witness the unmitigated gall of a US Judge, in FLA, granting custody, of a six-year old boy, to a distant relative, rather than the actual biological father, based on political agenda. Anyone who has been through a custody battle can atest to this; That "for the good of the child" does NOT mean anything related to decency or parental rights. The USG has been setting itself over parental rights for a long time. Therefore, anything parents might agree to can be over-ridden by the do-goodniks in USG social services departments. COPPA is a part of this over-all agenda.