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Re: New Federal Law (COPPA)

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Mon Apr 24 10:19:21 2000

>One website that collects personal data had a field for Date of Birth.  If
>you entered a DOB that meant that you were underaged, the webpage refused to
>go further.  Thus, the webpage could collect the data where individual was
>of legal age but would just automatically refuse if under age.  This doesnt
>seem too hard.

that sounds like an obvious use of javascript; something that i can't
condone.  web monkeys^Wdevelopers that know how to do javascript think
that it completely obviates the need for cgi.  i, of course, know
better, but had to spend a week at one point convincing them of this.

besides, javascript can be turned off or not work.  are you allowed to
base your legal defense on something so flimsy?

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