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Re: Question about strain on the A root server

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Sun Apr 23 13:30:58 2000

>Update! Just talked to the client and he found the following code in:
>It was named binfo.c
>I'm willing to bet that this may have something to do with the thrashing
>on A as well as on various nameservers around the net.

i doubt it.  i, completely coincidentally, heard about binfo five days

   binfo.c   =  Bind Version Checker
   'binfo' is a quick little script to pull back the version
   of named running on a remote nameserver. This is handy
   comparing it to a list of known vulnerable versions of 
   named/bind. Previous to this, it took a few commands to
   extract out the version.

it also tries to determine if the given server supports iquery.

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