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Question about strain on the A root server

  • From: Nick Patience
  • Date: Sat Apr 22 12:01:08 2000

Hi all,

Disclosure: I'm a journalist with a company called (details in
sig file).

Anyhow, that said, I was talking to Network Solutions about their decision
to swap out the Sun box that is the A root server and change it for a more
powerful RS/6000 S80. Also it is using IBM servers for its new network of
name servers - it has already deployed 8 of the intended 12 according to the
company, including one brought on stream two days ago in Hong Kong.

As most on this list probably already know, it is separating the root
servers from the name servers.

Anyhow, NSI claims that the strain on the A root server has jumped from 220
million 'hits' to 420 million during Q1 alone. I haven't managed to define
what hit is yet but intend to at some point.

NSI seems slightly unsure as to the main reason for the increase in hits,
but speculates that one of the reasons may be
says the main reason for this is that ISP's are using different caching
techniques and more & more searches are going right to the top of the tree
than before.

What do people on this list feel about this as a reason? It seems a little
woolly to me.



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