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  • From: Howard Smith
  • Date: Thu Apr 20 21:29:02 2000


> 3) The best way to manage this situation is to use 
> the Class of Service per-VC queuing feature.  This 
> will create a separate queue for each PVC, and will 
> insure that offending PVCs don't affect other PVCs 
> on the same interface.  What it will also do is link

> Layer 2 traffic engineering (ATM traffic shaping) to

> Layer 3 flow control by using WRED to throttle TCP 
> flows on PVCs which are exceeding their ATM PVC 
> limits.  As the TCP windows close, the packet flows 
> will be reduced until they fit within the shaped 
> PVC's limits.

Only one VC queue on the OC12 ATM interfaces on the
GSR series.  So, is it queuing delay or cell loss
slowing it down?


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