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Re: Buy tier 1 peering for only $15 million

  • From: Wayne Bouchard
  • Date: Thu Apr 20 13:19:28 2000

> It would be very amusing to watch the Sprint folks run around
> NANOG trying to get back the few peering agreements they had
> because the agreements terminated because the company was sold.
> After watching what happened with the InternetMCI spin-off, I
> wouldn't be surprised the DOJ is watching how "transfers" happen.
> Will Sprint still be a "tier 1" provider?
> Its amazing the net works at all.
> The reality is I think it would be very unusual if UUNET terminated
> Genuity's or Sprint's peering agreement just because the ownership
> changed.  If UUNET wouldn't do it in the case of those cases, they
> would have a difficult time explaining to DOJ why they would terminated
> a different provider's peering agreement if its ownership changed.

I don't think that would really be much of an issue in the case of
wcom/uunet and sprint getting together. I'm betting that they already
have most "notable" peers in common. And if not, chances are that
UUNet would have some sprint does not. The only real issue is going to
be instances where one has a peering arrangement with a network that
the other is transiting. And that, of course, is a case by case issue.

Its been my observation that in mergers/acquisitions/etc that most
peering arrangements will transfer. Each gets evaluated by both the
companies merging and the peers, of course, but I haven't witnessed a
large amount of problems in that regard.

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