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Re: Network Solutions with another twist

  • From: Ken Eddings
  • Date: Wed Apr 19 17:51:25 2000

I second that. I've been dealing with them around four years now and have never managed to speak to a human.

When pushed we've had to expedite things and pay the new expediting fee, which wouldn't have been necessary had reasonable customer service been available in the first place. Seems to me the generally regarded poor service might be used to drive business to their extra-cost services.

Today takes the cake. Yesterday I requested a domain report for one of my nameservers, and subsequently received an email identifying the correct nameserver host handle. Today I received a report for a different host for some ISP in Texas. I wonder where my report went? Is this a breach of confidentiality on their part.

Note this from yesterday's email:

In order to ensure the privacy of customers, it is Network Solutions'
policy to make this information available only to the registered contact.
You should receive the report within 1-2 business days.

At least they got me the incorrect information the next day.


At 11:43 AM -0400 4/19/2000, Stewart Gott wrote:
I've been silently reading the posts about Network Solutions, and boy! I
cannot agree more. I deal with a lot of Vendor Tech Support and Network
Solutions Tech Support is in a class by itself (the absolute worst I have
ever dealt with)! Their incompetency knows no bounds! It is scary! Their
attitude seems to be if you fill out the on-line or email form to the
computer's satisfaction, and the computer accepts and processes it, fine,
otherwise they have absolutely no clue how to help you, how to change
anything, how to update anything, it really is pathetic!

Stewart Gott
Network Manager

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