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Re: Peering Table Question

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Wed Apr 19 15:14:53 2000

>   Though I have seen many articles, web pages, and other
>   tables that detail which networks are 'peering,' I
>   have never seen an accurate representation of this
>   type of data from a third party.


>   To further complicate matters, many networks out there
>   are mis-representing themselves as [cost-free-] peering
>   with other networks when they are actually customers, or
>   in some type of 'settlement' arrangement.

i contend that one can count the true tier one networks on the fingers
of two hands.

>   As for your second question about the locations that
>   networks interconnect, many networks consider this
>   information sensitive as well-- though during your
>   conversations with them, they will typically exchange
>   that data with you-- though probably under a mutual
>   NDA.  Some choose to peer in locations where it is
>   the most cost-effective between the two networks, 
>   while others peer in a smaller set of locations that
>   make sense from a network hierarchy/topology perspective.
>   The decision about whether to peer with a given network
>   privately/directly versus at a public exchange point
>   is often based on the amount of traffic to be exchanged,
>   the network coverage area, and other such criteria.
>   With a bit of knowledge, tools, routing table vantage
>   points, and time, you should be able to find out most
>   of what you want to know on your own.
>   You might start by asking the operators of the exchange
>   points (where you intend to connect) who their current
>   customers are-- then you can contact those networks
>   individually.  Some exchange points will give you an
>   "I want to peer with you" form and a list of e-mail
>   addresses, so that you can mass-request.
>   Don't get cook'ed by the wealth of misinformation out
>   there.

people should spend the tree and print jsb's message and frame it.