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Re: Peering Table Question

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Wed Apr 19 11:29:39 2000

> I apologize if this question is not relevant to your discussions, but
> Susan Harris, e-mail address [email protected], suggested that I ask it
> here...
> The peering table that appears on the London Internet Exchange web site
> is this something that can be generated
>  for different peering locations?  Also with this information would it
> be
>  possible to create a table that lists companies and the cities that
> they
>  are peering in?  Any insight would be of great help to me thank you.
> Once again any advice on how or where to obtain this info would be of
> great benefit to me. Thanks
> Jeff Lentz

	In the few places I've participated in, this type of data
	is often considered confidential between parties. In some
	locations, like LINX, publication of this type of data is
	considered as part of the service. It really depends on the
	exchange operator and the participants at that exchange.
	That being said, there are a number of good efforts to debate
	discuss and publish data on this topic.  Ren (Onyx) and WBN
	(Equinix) are fairly active in this arena. In fact, I think WBN 
	will be hosting yet another peering BOF/pannel at the next
	NANOG mtg.