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Age old DNS hack reappears

  • From: Simon Lockhart
  • Date: Tue Apr 18 12:44:19 2000

Had this reported to us, which I thought people might be interested in. 
This had happened in .uk several years ago, which prompted a rule to 
forbid sub-domains of .uk which are the same as a TLD.

> It appears that someone has registered "" as a domain and is using
> this to fake well-known domain names such as What they have
> done is created DNS entries for "" and
> "" so that when someone types e.g. "" in
> their browser the DNS lookup first finds the "local" site
> "" and returns that in preference to the desired site
> "". In this instance the fake DNS entry contains a redirect
> to the site ""; which is an
> advert for electric guitars. 
> As a user of the DNS I strongly object to the hijacking of the namespace
> in this manner and request that the domain administrators
> immediately suspend the domain and that you prohibit any future
> registrations of domains where xx is a valid top-level domain.


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