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Re: The latest nasty tactics from NSI

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Sat Apr 15 22:50:39 2000

Universal Rundle wrote:
> OK, speaking on basis of confidentiality.

Then WHY in $DEITY's name did you post to a public, archived mailing
> The three main objectionables for the new contract are 1) the partner is
> forbidden from saying anything "disparaging" about NSI or its services, 

That's typical of the arrogant fsckheads I've dealt with at NSI, some of
whom are in upper-level management (hello, Mr. Holtzman). The only
I've dealt with with any decent clue level is Lauren Nowlin, and she's 
gone (and she wasn't in management either, if I recall correctly).

> 2) the partner is forbidden from using any alternate registrar for more than
> 5% of its monthly registrations, and 3) the partner guarantees to NSI that
> the domain will be paid for, and if it's not, the partner has to pay the $6
> registry fee, plus a $12.50 "processing fee".  So partners are on the hook
> for how reliable their customers are, with a penalty fee no less.

So use someone else. I don't see what the issue is here.

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