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The latest nasty tactics from NSI

  • From: Universal Rundle
  • Date: Sat Apr 15 14:23:50 2000

OK, speaking on basis of confidentiality.

NSI issued a new Premier Partner contract and is pressuring everyone
involved to sign, even months ahead of the expiration date of their
previous contract.

The three main objectionables for the new contract are 1) the partner is forbidden from saying anything "disparaging" about NSI or its services, and 2) the partner is forbidden from using any alternate registrar for more than 5% of its monthly registrations, and 3) the partner guarantees to NSI that the domain will be paid for, and if it's not, the partner has to pay the $6 registry fee, plus a $12.50 "processing fee". So partners are on the hook for how reliable their customers are, with a penalty fee no less.

The contract itself includes a paragraph stating that the contents of the contract must remain confidential, but if you haven't signed the contract, I suppose that's not enforceable...

Did I mention that NSI now sells the WHOIS records for new registrations as a subscription service? For example, every new domain registered at NSI registrar, which doesn't have the bulk optout option selected on the new template 6.0, will have its information sent to subscribers who pay $10,000 for the privilege. So expect to get telemarketed to promptly, by a company such as Verio.

This is BAD.... Very BAD!

Universal Rundle
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