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Re: NetSol screwing the pooch?

  • From: Patrick Greenwell
  • Date: Sat Apr 15 12:05:02 2000

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> > 
> > On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > > The problem isn't ICANN,
> > 
> > I suggest you look more closely at what exactly they have produced.
> > 
> With regard to operational issues, I have followed the general 
> proceedings of ICANN.  The results seem to be well considered.  For 
> example, the resolutions of .pn and .ps are reasonable and documented.

> Other than the USG agreements with NSI, which ICANN is required to 
> follow for operational continuity, I have found no operational 
> decisions by ICANN.  Perhaps you could be more explicit?

The UDRP( 

> The issue raised here is that NSI is operationally incompetent.

The "cure"(ICANN) is far worse than the illness.
> Wresting the whois database and name server operations from NSI will 
> be difficult, even with concerted action by ISPs.

There is no "wresting" to be done. ISPs have a choice where they point
their servers, period. That they do not avail themselves of this
capability serves to illustrate that it is not important enough to ISPs as
an industry.

> I conclude that, if the major ISPs desire a change, they will need to 
> work together to move the DNS registry service outside of the US, and 
> be willing to defy unreasonable and irrational US court orders.  

See above.
> How do you propose to make it work?

There have been several proofs-of-concepts(alternic, eDNS, 
etc.) that demonstrate the technical feasbility of such a
change. Unfortunately, these previous attempts have been conducted by
(mostly)well-intentioned technical folks who lacked the business and/or
political acumen necessary to be successful.

                               Patrick Greenwell                          
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