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RE: NetSol screwing the pooch?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Apr 14 23:07:59 2000

> So in every case where NSI operates the host NS for COM, you
> should see that the serialization is correct.  In those cases
> where a traditional root server still serves COM, should
> they get out of synch, our NOC contacts them to encourage
> resolution.  However, as the host is not an NS operated by NSI, 
> beyond encouraging them to fix the problem, there is little we 
> can do.  This is part of the reason for moving COM off of the
> traditional roots in just the same fashion as other first
> level delegations are managed today.

If we use history as a guide, the network-wide problems with DNS
have usually been related to problems at the central source which
were then copied out to the slaves.  Problems with the slaves, although
perhaps more frequent than we would like, have generally affected
different slaves in different ways at different times.

I'm a bit concerned when I read about a plan to install identical
servers, with identical configurations, with identical software,
connected to identical routers also with identical software and
configurations, operated by a single human point of contact.

Its bad enough all the roots use BIND.  The lack of genetic diversity
makes things very vulnerable to common errors.