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Re: NetSol screwing the pooch?

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Fri Apr 14 07:56:11 2000

Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > The problem isn't ICANN,
> I suggest you look more closely at what exactly they have produced.
With regard to operational issues, I have followed the general 
proceedings of ICANN.  The results seem to be well considered.  For 
example, the resolutions of .pn and .ps are reasonable and documented.

Other than the USG agreements with NSI, which ICANN is required to 
follow for operational continuity, I have found no operational 
decisions by ICANN.  Perhaps you could be more explicit?

The issue raised here is that NSI is operationally incompetent.

Wresting the whois database and name server operations from NSI will 
be difficult, even with concerted action by ISPs.

As an example in a related communications industry, I offer MediaOne 
cable service.  MediaOne and predecessors have been in violation of 
their franchise agreement for over 20 years.  They don't deliver 
service in locations where it is expensive to install, including 
downtown Ann Arbor, despite explicit contractual requirements.  They 
have never met federal or local requirements for customer support,
both for timeliness of resolution and reporting of results.

Yet, it has proven impossible to deny them franchise renewal.  So far, 
only two such denials have been upheld by courts, both in Kentucky.  
Attorneys for the City of Ann Arbor advised the cable commission that 
denying franchise renewal would be prohibitively expensive and 
ultimately fruitless given the existing legal climate.

I conclude that, if the major ISPs desire a change, they will need to 
work together to move the DNS registry service outside of the US, and 
be willing to defy unreasonable and irrational US court orders.  

How do you propose to make it work?

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