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NetSol screwing the pooch?

  • From: Eric Germann
  • Date: Thu Apr 13 21:39:50 2000

In trying to track down why an old DNS server dies I found the following
interesting stuff for the [a-i] over a two-hour sample
period ...

Server             COM.                    .
a                  2000041300              2000041300
b                  no answer               no answer
c                  no answer               no answer
d                  answer with ref         2000041300
e                  2000041300              2000041300
f                  2000041201              2000041300
g                  2000041101              2000041101
h                  answer with ref         2000041101
i                  2000041300              2000041300

So I thought the purpose of multiple DNS servers was to have mirroring for
redundancy.  Does anyone find 1-2 day lags in the updates acceptable?  I'm
glad NetSol is moving these to commercial grade data centers. :(

The no answers are pingable but don't answer queries from here (over a two
hour period).  The answer with ref answered with referrals to other
servers.  I don't have the patience to recurse the whole mess of

Any other observations other than NetSol has apparently screwed the pooch
again ?


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