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Re: Is there a PSI.NET person in the house?

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Tue Apr 11 18:39:56 2000

At Monday 12:41 PM 3/1/99 , Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:

> >Received: from jgroves ( []) by 
> > with SMTP (Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service 

Accepting mail from * considered harmful! - News at 11

They are so ignorant and lame about complaints, I shut off their dialup
IP ranges from sending mail at a number of sites I was/am responsible
for about 2+ years ago. Judging from their DNS zones being in good order,
I can only guess at their silent approval of this.

SpamShield <tm> was majorly beta-tested with the help of Porn spammers on
their Baltimore,MD dialups, and provided about half the motivation to write
it in the first place. Thank you, PSI.

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