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Re: Network Solutions, HOSTS

  • From: Rodney Joffe
  • Date: Mon Apr 10 22:51:36 2000

"Greg A. Woods" wrote:

> IIRC there's been policy in place in the past that clearly stated they
> would ban or rate-limit any client doing more than some set limit of
> WHOIS queries.
> So, yes, NSI does want to get WHOIS queries from everywhere and not from
> one central query engine.
> I can almost see their paranoid intellectual property guys making a case
> to prove that geektools was actualy saving the results of all the
> queries going through in an attempt to harvest the database.....  ;-)

As I said, a totally valid point, if it weren't for the fact that we
received permission :-(

Rodney Joffe
CenterGate Research Group, LLC.
"Technology so advanced, even we don't understand it!"(SM)