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Re: Network Solutions, HOSTS

  • From: deeann mikula
  • Date: Mon Apr 10 18:35:47 2000

> At Monday 04:19 PM 4/10/00 , Gregory A. Carter wrote:
> >I'm starting to get exteremely fustrated here.  I've been trying to modify
> >two of my nameserver HOSTS with Network Solutions for almost two months
> >now and all I get back is the "We've seen your post but we haven't done
> >anything yet..." hoopla auto responce.  Has anyone else had this problem
> >lately?  Are they reigstering domains in a timely mannor since it gets
> >them money but not bothering to honor the nameserver HOST modifications?
> >
> >Every time I try and call them to get things taken care of I get a
> >recorded message and hung up on.

bummer.  do you register domains for an organization or an ISP or
something?  we had the same problems with "netsol" (as they seem to be
calling themselves sometimes) and then one day i got an email from a
human saying that she was our contact person for business-to-business
at network solutions, with a direct phone number, her own email addy
and her own fax number.

i think this happened right after i had heard a lot of buzz about
other domain registrars popping up all over the place.

now when i have an issue, i just call her up, and she pushes things
thru for me.

if you can, see if you can pursue the business-to-business thing with
them.  and no, i won't give you her phone number :) if anyone cares, i
will ask her about the application for b-to-b, tho, and fwd that

     deeann m.m. mikula

telerama public access internet
   director of operations