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Re: peering tools

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Apr 09 22:09:11 2000

On Sun, 09 April 2000, "HANSEN CHAN" wrote:
> To make sure I understand your message, do you mean RPSL/IRR are not used by
> most of the providers? Do they really have to configure manual line by line
> using CLI? I heard otherwise from some other people (who might not be entirely
> correct :-)

Most large providers have some automated mechanism to push/pull configurations
on routers on their network.  Very few large providers regularly type
configurations in a router CLI (although it is necessary in an emergency).

However, when RIPE, ARIN, APNIC allocate a new ASN or CIDR block to some
provider in the world, that change usually needs to be manually made in
provider specific databases and configurations.  In practice relatively
few providers do that level of checking of the route announcements, which
is why blackhole route announcements happen and are so difficult to fix.