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Re: Policies: Routing a subset of another ISP's address block

  • From: Niels Chr. Bank-Pedersen
  • Date: Sat Apr 08 18:23:30 2000

On Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 07:59:26PM +0200, Hank Nussbacher wrote:
> At 21:04 07/04/00 -0400, Dmitri Krioukov wrote:
> The route object described in
> states that origin AS is a single occurence.  RIPE-189 should then be
> updated to allow multiple occurences of the origin tag.

Actually, some additions to that effect has allready been made:

It doesn't specifically allow originating routes from more than
one AS, but it does mention that this can be done in multihoming

> -Hank

/Niels Chr.

> >
> >it does generate inconsistent origin as'es and it does break
> >path filters, but not only. it breaks all the tools/methods
> >based on the uniqueness of the route->origin-as mapping. i'm
> >looking for a more or less complete list of these tools/methods.
> >
> >it seems, though, that the inconsistent-as list is growing and
> >this doesn't produce too much panic.
> >
> >and if you examine this list more closely, you'll notice that it
> >looks like the major part of it is generated by the isps doing
> >the aforementioned trick.
> >--
> >dima.


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