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Re: Multi-homing - service provider issues

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Thu Apr 06 09:50:47 2000

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000, Dustin Goodwin wrote:
> Well from sentiment I pick up from nanog lists and last nanog meeting it
> does not seem many provides are actually worried about the size of the
> internet routing table anymore. Use to be the main objection to routing
> table growth was the fear of core routers become expensive space heaters . I
> am inferring here that routers have caught up and then some handling larger
> and larger tables. So why is there still so much resistances to supporting
> multi-homed customers that, shock horror, involves providers advertising
> more discreet routes that are in the middle of their cider blocks? I am
> guessing administrative overhead is main objection now. The whole
> micro-allocation conversation show provider willingness to allow growth in
> the routing tables. I have my flame retardant suit on so go for it.

Just because people might not fear their routers melting under large
network tables doesn't mean tomorrow they want 100,000 /30's in their
routing tables. The resistance is there so people who really positively
have no other choice - there are lots of other possibilities, and if
some unexpected sideeffect of lots of /30's pop up, the entire internet
suffers rather than just one customer.