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Re: Bill Woodcock had it right when he wrote: "_this thread really

  • From: Majdi S. Abbas
  • Date: Wed Apr 05 21:35:27 2000

> Paul, as you know I am not a customer of Exodus and have therefore no 
> business relationship with it.  Barry's has shown that there is no 
> logic in  Exodus which has an embarrassing customer service problem 
> (it can't give them the service for which they have paid) thinking 

	I just filled out an Exodus contract.  Today, in fact.  Nowhere
in there does it state that we'll be paying Exodus to maintain peering 
with PSI. 

	Not peering with PSI does not cripple Exodus customers, 
nor are the ones that I know screaming about fact,
they don't appear to have noticed.  Some people that do a lot
of business with PSI customers or are a singlehomed PSI customer
themselves may notice.  Connectivity between all points is not
guaranteed to be blazingly fast.  Welcome to the Internet; if 
you want a guarantee, buy some direct connectivity.

	The reports of some degradation that I have seen do not
appear to be above the threshhold stipulated by the Exodus SLA.
They do not appear to be in breach of their contract with their
customers (although one of their customers may have breached
any confidentiality clauses in the contract they signed.)  To 
their credit, they do appear to be working on a longer-term

	Gordon, if you absolutely must perpetuate this, stick with the
facts, please.  (Reply-To set.)