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Re: peering wars revisited? PSI vs Exodus

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Wed Apr 05 12:34:29 2000

Things are, by and large, what they appear to be.

Evolution has given you sensoria for the purpose of making such

A duck is a duck.

An apple is an apple.

Unsolicited mass mailings are unsolicited mass mailings.

Saying something is so, does not make it so.

A label is a piece of information attached to a thing.

A label attached to a thing, which controverts the nature of the thing
itself, does not change the thing itself, although it may change the
significance of the thing greatly.

An apple which has been labelled as a duck, is an apple, not a duck.  The
fact that it's been labelled a duck, however, may make it more interesting
than the average apple.

This is often called "propaganda," and is typically a rhetorical tool
employed against the particularly credulous.

Confidentiality is the property of being held in confidence, or being
conveyed in confidence.

Confidence, in this sense, is a state of trust of mutual secrecy.

Confidentiality is expected and defended either under contract.

Confidentiality exists whenever it is stipulated in a contract.

A contract, to be valid and enforceable, must define a reciprocal exchange
of value.

Exodus has conveyed no value to Gordon in reciprocity for expectation of
his secrecy.

Exodus has conveyed no value to the recipients of their unsolicited mass
mailing in reciprocity for the expectation of their secrecy.

Attaching a label which reads "confidential" to something which you then
distribute via unsolicited mass mailing does not make it confidential.  In
fact, the opposite is true.  This is, arguably, interesting.

Gordon is a journalist.

Gordon is an editor.

Gordon is a publisher.

Godon's job in each of these roles is to gather and sell interesting
information to his customers, and perhaps to promote the state of
customerhood by occasionally releasing small pieces of interesting
information to prospective customers.

If Exodus had _not_ labelled their unsolicited mass mailing "confidential"
in an attempt to create propaganda, it would be _less_ newsworthy.

A tactic of both advertisers and propagandists is to attempt to harness
the media by making their propaganda appear to be news.

Saying something does not make it so.

This is only obvious to those who have two neurons to rub together,

Information wants to be free, however _this thread really needs to end_.

This is a list of unsupported assertions.