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Re: peering wars revisited? PSI vs Exodus

  • From: Christian Nielsen
  • Date: Tue Apr 04 12:39:38 2000

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Actually, as a matter of ethics, revealing the circumstances behind a 
> network degradation is considered a "public service", and highly ethical. 

maybe the reason noone posted to nanog or any other list is that there was no
network degradation. 

> Cover-ups are unethical.

did you see a coverup?

> >         If you were truly trying to cover this, in a journalistic
> > sense, why not talk to PSI, and ask them about it?  
> Here, I agree.  Good reporting requires thorough investigation.  

correct. you can either leak or you can report. if you are a leaker, be it. if
you report, get both sides, take good notes and publish your claims.