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Re: Community advertisement

  • From: Yu Ning
  • Date: Tue Apr 04 11:30:12 2000


If i understand your lines correctly, i think Verio's community policy
meets your requirements. 

>From Verio's customer pages, you can not only find instruction on how
the customer should tag their routes via community to signal Verio of
different routes, but also find that what Verio gonna send to their
customers (i suppose it will do to their peers.)

See Verio site for more detail:

What's more, just a following of your comminuty-and-control problem. Do
you think it a little dangerous - that let your downstream/peer that control
your egress traffic via this community&local_pref intereaction ? I
believe an NSP would prefer to control both inbound and outbound traffic,
or at least otbound traffic. That maybe the reason that the community policy 
is not a widely practice.


Yu Ning

(Mr.) Yu Ning 
ChinaNet Backbone Operation
Networking Dep.,Datacom Bureau
China Telecom.,Beijing(100088),P.R.C
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From: Greene, Dylan <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 1:59 AM
Subject: Community advertisement

> Hello there,
>  All of the backbone NSPs I've spoken with (UUNET, Sprint, etc..) have
> offered to provide me with either full tables or partial (customer) routes.
>  What would actually be interesting to me would be full tables w/ that
> customer list tagged as a separate community.  It isn't difficult to config,
> does anyone know if this is actually offered by any providers?  If not, why
> not?  It would be very helpful to know which routes stay on a single
> backbone, and which traverse peering links, etc..  The partial tables
> provide this, but there are situations where one wants to route other
> traffic to that provider, so a full table is necessary (default won't really
> work if you've got advertisements from other providers you _don't_ want to
> send that traffic to.)
>  I'd be interested to hear if others are doing anything similar to this,
> have requested it, etc. The standard community offering I've seen from
> anyone are the MED like 'set local_pref on our backbone' tags which helps
> direct inbound traffic, but there is little available for outbound.
>  Thanks,
>  ..Dylan
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