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Community advertisement

  • From: Greene, Dylan
  • Date: Mon Apr 03 14:07:17 2000

Hello there,

 All of the backbone NSPs I've spoken with (UUNET, Sprint, etc..) have
offered to provide me with either full tables or partial (customer) routes.

 What would actually be interesting to me would be full tables w/ that
customer list tagged as a separate community.  It isn't difficult to config,
does anyone know if this is actually offered by any providers?  If not, why
not?  It would be very helpful to know which routes stay on a single
backbone, and which traverse peering links, etc..  The partial tables
provide this, but there are situations where one wants to route other
traffic to that provider, so a full table is necessary (default won't really
work if you've got advertisements from other providers you _don't_ want to
send that traffic to.)

 I'd be interested to hear if others are doing anything similar to this,
have requested it, etc. The standard community offering I've seen from
anyone are the MED like 'set local_pref on our backbone' tags which helps
direct inbound traffic, but there is little available for outbound.


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