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Re: SBC/Ameritech outage, Milwaukee WI

  • From: nicholas harteau
  • Date: Sun Apr 02 22:12:05 2000

Power was restored around 8:15CDT, Ameritech came back up in full around

nicholas harteau wrote:
> Ameritech's facilities in 324 E. Wisconsin in Milwaukee are currently
> unpowered (324 is a telco hotel in downtown Milwaukee).  Ameritech was
> notified over a month ago about the power company was going to shut off
> power in order to repair the service entrance.
> Apparently Ameritech didn't see fit to show up, or they miscalculated
> the runtime on thier batteries by a few hours.  I'm guessing the former.
> There were even a few calls made to lower-level Ameritech engineers this
> morning who claimed they had heard nothing from management about the
> outage.
> Anyway, the mux in the basement is dead.  It's a localized outage.
> Power company is giving us an ETA of 8PM CDT (is it CDT now?  I lost
> track), so stuff should be back up then.
> In the meantime, I've got a couple dozen T1 customers down.  Glad I
> don't use them for anything longhaul.  I'd imagine that some less
> fortunate people in Milwaukee are suffering outages due to thier
> Ameritech-supplied local loops being dead.
> For those of you that remember, this repair is related to the outage
> last winter where water leaked through the sidewalk from the snow above
> and shorted the main bus bar.

nicholas harteau
[email protected]