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SBC/Ameritech outage, Milwaukee WI

  • From: nicholas harteau
  • Date: Sun Apr 02 20:44:56 2000

Ameritech's facilities in 324 E. Wisconsin in Milwaukee are currently
unpowered (324 is a telco hotel in downtown Milwaukee).  Ameritech was
notified over a month ago about the power company was going to shut off
power in order to repair the service entrance.

Apparently Ameritech didn't see fit to show up, or they miscalculated
the runtime on thier batteries by a few hours.  I'm guessing the former.

There were even a few calls made to lower-level Ameritech engineers this
morning who claimed they had heard nothing from management about the

Anyway, the mux in the basement is dead.  It's a localized outage.
Power company is giving us an ETA of 8PM CDT (is it CDT now?  I lost
track), so stuff should be back up then.

In the meantime, I've got a couple dozen T1 customers down.  Glad I
don't use them for anything longhaul.  I'd imagine that some less
fortunate people in Milwaukee are suffering outages due to thier
Ameritech-supplied local loops being dead.

For those of you that remember, this repair is related to the outage
last winter where water leaked through the sidewalk from the snow above
and shorted the main bus bar.

nicholas harteau
[email protected]