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Re: WCOM DS3 outage in PHI

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Apr 01 16:20:34 2000

True, there have been cases when the worldcom circuits in a city
have been cut, but the UUNET network stayed up.  Which undercuts
any salespeople who tell people "trust us with your entire network."

Nevertheless, it is amusing when an official Worldcom spokesperson
specifically identifies a fiber cut in Worldcom's facilities, yet
one of Worldcom's subsidiaries refers to its parent company as a
nameless telco provider.

It almost sounds like finger-pointing instead of synergy.

But anyone who has ever dealt with the Worldcom family of companies
is probably used to it.  When there is a problem, its not a Worldcom
circuit, its a MFS circuit.

It seems very different at some other companies.  I suspect some folks
want to disown parts of TCG's network, but AT&T puts their brand name
on the line when AT&T Local Services has a problem instead of refering
to a nameless telco provider.

On Fri, 31 March 2000, Vijay Gill wrote:
> > UUnet allegedly wrote
> > > Senior network engineers are
> > > working closely with one of our Telco providers
> > > to quickly resolve
> >
> > Amazing how quickly in the event of a fault one's much vaunted
> > parent company becomes 'one of our Telco providers' :-)
> > (no UUnet is not the only offender).
> There is not necessarily a one to one mapping between circuits purchased
> by UUNET and circuits sold to UUNET by WCOM.