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Re: Computers are tougher than people think

  • From: David Lesher
  • Date: Fri Mar 31 10:30:34 2000

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Sean Donelan said:

> Even though I don't work with libraries anymore, they still draw my attention.
> The Fort Worth Public Library, which is mostly underground, had significant
> damage to its aboveground expansion.  For those who say, I told you underground
> is better, I'd remind you about the extensive damage to Boston Public Library's
> lower levels when a water main broke.  Pick your risk.

During the Cold War, both Uncle Sam and ATT built a large number of
VERY sturdy bunkers. These typically had 18" thick concrete walls,
Diesels with 2 weeks of fuel, double blast doors thick enough to
defeat an $cientology lawyer seeking Xenu, and filters almost good
enough to take the stink out of the air during a Senate campaign.

Many are near empty; others used in mudane tasks such as
storage. While they were NOT located in city centers for obvious
reasons, in some cases the city has come to them over the years.

Folks wishing to avoid glass towers might start looking at
<> for alternatives.

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