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Re: Computers are tougher than people think

  • From: Sam Thomas
  • Date: Fri Mar 31 03:16:33 2000

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 08:12:49PM -0800, Sean Donelan wrote:
> If you've seen the news, you've seen the Cash America Inc building in
> Fort Worth.  Its the one with no windows.  Although the building suffered
> extensive damage, and Cash America may have to abandon it, their computer
> center providing service to 400+ pawn shops around the country worked
> without interruption.

I'd bet they don't have a datacenter with a view.

> Even though I don't work with libraries anymore, they still draw my attention.
> The Fort Worth Public Library, which is mostly underground, had significant
> damage to its aboveground expansion.  For those who say, I told you underground
> is better, I'd remind you about the extensive damage to Boston Public Library's
> lower levels when a water main broke.  Pick your risk.

I'll risk water main breaks. they rarely kill 4 and wound 90.

> Sprint showed that fiber rings can work, if you do them right.  Sprint
> suffered a fiber cut in downtown Fort Worth during the tornado.  I don't
> think anyone outside of Sprint's operation center noticed. I didn't.

tornadoes are a good diversionary tactic. their PR dept must have conspired.

q: how is a marketing meeting like a tornado?
a: both are a lot of hot air going around in circles at high speed

> Southwestern Bell now says one of their facilities in Arlington had a power
> failure, and is now backup on generator power.

had to have been Matlock Rd. right in the path of the tornado. my aunt is
(I believe) served out of there, and was up and running quite shortly after
the storm. I was able to leave a message on her voicemail even as the tornado
was working its way through Grand Prairie.

Sam Thomas
Geek Mercenary