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Re: Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas

  • From: Sam Thomas
  • Date: Thu Mar 30 11:39:34 2000

On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 09:53:21PM -0800, Sean Donelan wrote:
> Arlington Texas is reported without telephone service.

reaching my dad in Arlington Tuesday night from Dallas was spotty, but I
got through after about 5 tries. he reported that he had been trying to
reach my aunt on the other side of town (the area that the tornado hit is
directly between my parents' and aunt's houses, splitting the distance almost
exactly, and coming quite close if not hitting a SWBell CO on Matlock Rd)
and not having the best of luck (turns out that my aunt, uncle, and cousin
were at the mall, and returned home to an unscathed house). I was calling one
of our engineers who lives just south of the affected area when he phoned
in to the NOC to return a page from someone else.

telephone and electricity in Arlington are quite reliable, and have not
suffered an extended outage since ice storms in 1980. the bulk of the city
experienced no outages at all, despite the storm's intensity.

> Tornadoes struck Fort Worth Texas at dusk.  At least four people
> are reported dead.

we are quite fortunate that it struck so late. only 4 deaths is quite
miraculous given the level of destruction. an hour or so earlier, and
things would be a much different story. I feel for those who lost their
lives or loved ones, but had it happened earlier, my heart would be going
out to a few order of magnitude more people.

the big story is that downtown was closed to all traffic Wednesday, and I
believe some areas were still closed off this morning. most ISPs with POPs
in Ft. Worth have them downtown. connectivity to our POP was not disrupted.

Sam Thomas
Geek Mercenary