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Re: Latest From Network Solutions

  • From: Gary E. Miller
  • Date: Thu Mar 23 17:21:42 2000

Yo Derek!

I just got an unsolicited junk fax from the .WS domain.  Info on their
TLD is at  They mention as a FEATURE:
"Only under under extreme circumstances such as a court order or trademark 
dispute, if all other means to contact you have failed, will your address 
and phone number be disclosed to the diputing party, after they have 
submitted proof of identification.".

So much for "whois"....

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Derek J. Balling wrote:

> I needed to make some NIC changes today (updating contact info), and was 
> told that if I wanted it done "soon", I should pay them $30 or some such 
> for their "express service", where they guarantee that someone will handle 
> the request in one business day. Otherwise, it "could take over a week to 
> get done."

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