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Sprint routing issues

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Wed Mar 22 23:41:07 2000

Is it just me or is Sprint having issues tonight?  I noticed some routing
problems getting to C&W hosted sites via Sprint.  When I tried to go to, I couldn't resolve it.  According to F,'s NS's
are:  2D IN A  2D IN A  2D IN A

These are all currently unreachable from our site (directly connected to
Sprint and UUNet) and multiple offsite locations on other backbones.

If I traceroute from (goes out via Sprint) to my own site
( hosted off a C&W T1, I get 2 hops into C&W, and then
nothing.  If I trace from to, I get 2 hops into
Sprint, and then nothing.

Before anyone asks...yes, I did call Sprint and run this all by them...and
they opened a ticket...but the fact that seemed more interested in doing
intrusive testing on our T3 than looking at their own network didn't
instill much confidence. 

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