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NRIC - Hi, We're From the Government

  • From: Robert Cannon
  • Date: Fri Mar 17 16:44:01 2000

The first meeting of NRIC V will take place Monday March 20from 10:00am to
12:30pm at the Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Room
TW-C305, Washington, DC.  Frequently there are real audio feeds of these

NRIC V's Charter is now online at  Please
note the following from the charter:

-- QUOTE --

2. Network Reliability.

(a) The Committee will evaluate, and report on, the reliability of public
telecommunications network services in the United States, including the
reliability of packet switched networks.

. . . . .

(c) During the charter of the previous Committee, interested participants
recommended that the FCC adopt a voluntary reporting program, administered
by the National Communications System, to gather outage data for those
telecommunications and information [Internet] service providers not
currently required to report outages. The Committee will monitor this
process, analyze the data obtained from the voluntary trial and report on
the efficacy of that process, as well as the on-going reliability of such


Note that "telecommunications" means telephone network.  But the line
between telephone and Internet networks is blurred, particularly when you
talk about packet-switched network reliability.

Apparently IOPS was involved in NRIC IV and was in favor of a voluntary
period of network outage reporting by ISPs to the FCC's NRIC.

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