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Re: Cisco's CNR vs ISC Bind/DHCP

  • From: brett watson
  • Date: Fri Mar 17 14:07:07 2000

> Fletcher writes:
> >From: Fletcher E Kittredge <[email protected]>
> >To: [email protected]
> >CC: [email protected]
> >Subject: Cisco's CNR vs ISC Bind/DHCP
> >Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 17:02:37 -0500
> >
> >We are working here with the hypothesis that Cisco's CNR product is a
> >lamer and inferior in quality to the Internet Software Consortium's
> >open source DNS and DHCP software.  Is this a generally accepted
> >hypothesis, or are we off in the weeds (again) by ourselves on this
> >one?
> >
> >thanks!
> >fletcher
> Well, Fletcher, considering that you probably don't know anything about the 
> product, do you really feel it necessary to publicly bash it?  On what 
> information to you base your bold assertion?

one would hope that cisco licensed the core code for this from Nominum
(  i don't consider application/software development
to be cisco's "thing".