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Need to speak to a clueful Qwest BGP Engineer

  • From: Hitesh Patel
  • Date: Thu Mar 16 19:09:28 2000

I apologize for posting this message here, but it's my last hope.

for upwards of a month now I have been trying to get a BGP Announcement
problem fixed through the 'correct' channels at Qwest.  So far there has
not been any progress, and the people i'm talking to seem to not be
clueful enough to help.  If there is a knowledgeable Qwest routing
engineer out there please contact me at any of the methods listed in my

Is anyone else having these problems with Qwest?  So far there NOC
response times have been nothing but crappy and it seems that there
technical people know less then 3 monkeys trying to get 2 cisco's
talking.  If you are having the same problems please email me so I have
some ammunition to go after Qwest with.

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