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Re: Cisco Netflow Analysis Software

  • From: Simon Leinen
  • Date: Thu Mar 16 07:05:42 2000

>>>>> "dh" == David Hares <[email protected]> writes:
> Does anyone have or know of a cisco Netflow collector/reporter
> available in the public domain?

I maintain a couple WWW pages about NetFlow and similar systems.
One of them has references to such software packages:

Additions, corrections, praise or flames are all welcome.

> Cisco used to have a basic one available on their website, but now
> that that they have a commercial product using Netflow, the free
> software is gone.

Actually there is still some C code on ftpeng, which is also
referenced from the abovementioned page.

Hope this helps,
Simon Leinen				       [email protected]

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