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Re: Alternative to BGP-4 for multihoming?

  • From: Peter A. van Oene
  • Date: Wed Mar 15 00:24:36 2000

>> a DNS oriented approach can be feasible in many situations.
>yup.  unfortunately the hack is not a good net citizen (some folk don't
>appreciate packets thrown at their servers), and some versions are not
>very accurate (as the server for may be quite net.far from the
>but then most bgp hacks, though better net citizens, are not brilliantly
>accurate either.  the anycast hack really being the only one that scales
>and performs at all well.

Help me our here.  Can we not agree that exponentially more websites will
require the ability to multihome to different AS's to achieve proper
redundancy / disaster recovery?

Instead of simply saying "if it ain't BGP its crap" like the above, or the
E Gavron's telling me that these customers should simple advertise their
little netblocks out of two or more AS's, can someone suggest some viable

The hard reality is that there isn't enough AS space.  This is unbelievably
obvious. With that in mind, how do I multihome?  

I am currently engaged in a great number of projects that face this exact
challenge.  In liue of more stategic solutions or co-location into proper
facilities, I personally don't see a better mechanism than load
distribution techniques similar to the 3DNS.


Peter Van Oene
Senior Systems Engineer