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Re: Hi, we're from the government and we're here to help

  • From: Chris Brenton
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 21:41:17 2000

Randy Bush wrote:
> centralization has generally not scaled well on the internet.  heck, even
> cert used to be quite useful.  then the problem grew a bit too much.

The problem grew too much or the organization didn't keep up with the

Back when CERT was started there was no Bugtraq, NTBugtraq, Incidents,
etc. mailing lists. Today its these resources that are getting the word
out the quickest with the greatest level of detail. Don't see CERT doing
anything any different today than they did 5-7 years ago. The difference
is that these other groups are doing it quicker so the perception is
that CERT is less effective.

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