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Re: San Jose Telephone Problems 3/10-3/17

  • From: Dan Bustillos - Datalink Computer Services
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 12:07:11 2000


 I was watching the news this morning re: This issue. A Pacbell spokesman 
was talking to a reporter and here is what he had to say ( My memory is a 
bit foggy)

" Pac bell is also the victim here. We did not cause this. It was a 
private contractor that caused this ACCIDENT" At the point he said 
accident it sounded like he was getting ready to start yelling at the 

 I just thought you all might find this funny.. Please no flames!

PS: I am going to Vancouver BC on Thursday for a week. Anyone know 
anything fun to do in the area?

Sean Donelan allegedly stated on 3/13/00 19:28:

>I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with me moving to
>the San Jose area :-)
>On friday a contractor cut four major Pacific Bell cables.  About
>11,000 circuits were affected.  The affected area is roughly bordered
>by Interstate Highways 880 and 680 and Trimble and Berryessa roads.
>Pacific Bell estimates it won't have the cables repaired until Friday
>March 17.
>One cable I can understand.  Two cables, ok you didn't realize the first
>strange noise was a cable.  Three cables, accidents come in threes.  Four

Thank you, 

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