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Re: Alternative to BGP-4 for multihoming?

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 12:01:12 2000

> > sure but which one are they most likely to be using for their
> > resolver (in firewalled environments it may be none of those)?
> the caching server provided by the dialup global isp.

Be fair to the guy - the caching server (not authoritative server)
is normally net.near the dialup client. It may be (mentioning
no global ISPs we know) that the call is hauled halfway across
the US / World to get to the one large datacenter containing
both the caching DNS server and the connectivity to between that
provider and the internet, but even so, serving pages from a machine
close to the data center is in that case better than serving pages
from a machine close to the user (unless you like tromboning data).
But yes, this technique sucks for regional content. And yes, ICMP
is not a good measure of connectivity.

Alex Bligh
VP Core Network, Concentric Network Corporation
(formerly GX Networks, Xara Networks)