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Re: Alternative to BGP-4 for multihoming?

  • From: BrandonButterworth
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 11:31:07 2000

> you may want to seriously reread the previous sender's message.  the point
> is that in the modern post-2182 world, many of the client's nameservers are
> vastly net.distant from the client.
> nameserver = DNS.LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU
> nameserver = RAIN.PSG.COM
> nameserver = ARIZONA.EDU

sure but which one are they most likely to be using for their
resolver (in firewalled environments it may be none of those)?

Lots will use one fairly local to them for resolution and that could be
the one making the request of the hosting providors server (assumptions
about which ones would recurse etc.). There will always be a few that
use one a continent away but nobody is expecting 100% on this are