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"Stale" root-server

  • From: Forrest W. Christian
  • Date: Tue Mar 14 00:23:39 2000

I just came across the fact that one of the root servers (G) has a stale
.com zone.  (Serial number from 3/10).  Of course, my primary DNS server
seems to prefer G (or any other root server with a problem for that

I did call the number for the NOC listed and let's just say that although
they said that "the responsible person would be notified" I got the
impression that fixing the problem wasn't going to be on the top of their
list and probably was going to wait till the next business day.  I also
was told that "They got a call like this friday" (which was the last day
the data was synched.

Are there standards for operations of a root DNS server?   I would think
that checking and making sure that your zone files are current would be
either something you could do once a day or at the minimum write a script
to check the serial against the current date and start yelping if it was
too far out of date.

If I was responsible for a root server, making sure it was up with the
"correct" (quotes added thanks to our favorite registry/ies) data would be
my top priority.

- Forrest W. Christian ([email protected]) KD7EHZ
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