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Re: Alternative to BGP-4 for multihoming?

  • From: Peter A. van Oene
  • Date: Mon Mar 13 17:27:53 2000

>> Just a quick note in clarification, I am less interested in
>> directing the traffic to the closest or most optimal server farm that I
>> in purely ensuring that the traffic can be balance between sites that
>> within different AS's.  
>How do you propose to do this? It is a non trivial solution - if you
>don't believe me, go ask someone trying to do it (eg Akami). 
>People forget the magic tenant things are built on here - "The less the
>control you have on a network, the harder you have to work to
>deliver a given quality of service", where quality of service is
>something other than 'terrible' .

Naturally, if it was a trivial issue, we wouldn't be debating it here.  I
don't necessary propose one optimal way over another.  I have simple made
the statement that a DNS oriented approach can be feasible in many
situations.  As far as magic goes, I'd like to meet the group that runs the
entire Internet because that is the network I'm concerned about.  QoS at
this point is not the issue at hand in its normal sense.


Peter Van Oene
Senior Systems Engineer