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The CIDR Report

  • From: Bandy Rush
  • Date: Fri Mar 10 22:51:46 2000

I generally follow my habits of not leaving my office
until I receive my weekly copy of the CIDR report. I
havent received one in a few weeks, and I need to go
home to change clothes. With that being said, I have
generated the below CIDR report.


This is a MANUALLY-generated mail on Fri Mar 10
19:25:00 PST 2000
It is not checked before it leaves my Commodore64. 
However, hopefully 
you will find this report interesting and will take
the time to look 
through this to see if you can improve the amount of
deaggregation you perform.
The report is split into sections:   0) General Status
      List the route table history for the last week,
list any possibly
      bogus routes seen and give some status on ASes.
   1) Losses by deaggregating at the origin AS level
      This lists the "Top 30" players who if they
decided to deaggregate
      their announced classful prefixes at the origin
AS level could 
      make a significant difference in the expansion
of the current 
      size of the Internet routing table. This
calculation does not 
      take into account the exclusion of holes when
      so it is possible even larger routing tables
should be possible.
   2) Weekly Delta
      A summary of the last weeks changes in terms of
withdrawn and
      added routes. Please note that this is only a
snapshot but does 
      give some indication of ASes participating in
CIDR. Clearly,
      it is generally a good thing to see a large
amont of additions.
   3) Interesting deaggregates
      Interesting here means a deaggregate made as a
set of 
      funkadelic routes.      
Thanks to for giving me access to their
services once aday. 
Please send any comments about this report directly to
Check for
a daily
update of the REAL CIDR report.
                        CIDR REPORT for 10Mar000)
General StatusTable History
-------------Date	Prefixes180200	72321190200
72203200200	72346210200	72296
220200	72419230200	72364240200	72455250200	72608
of the table history.Possible Bogus
*** Bogus from AS701*** 
*** Bogus from AS31337***

AS Summary----------Number of ASes in routing system: 
Number of ASes announcing only one prefix:        3701
(2011 cidr, 1690 classful)
Largest number of  cidr routes:                 198774
announced by  AS701
Largest number of classful routes:             8891009
announced by  AS701
1) Gains by aggregating at the origin AS level ---
10Mar00 ---
ASnum    NetsNow NetsCIDR  NetGain  % Gain  
AS4200       167      104       63   37.7%   AGIS
(Apex Global Information Ser
**Dont worry, their address space will be returned in
a few weeks...**

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