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Re: Here we go again

  • From: Scott Solmonson
  • Date: Fri Mar 10 17:30:23 2000

What can you do? I would say "not much"-

Assuming you truly cannot separate out the "legitimate" requests-
Your choices are left to these:

Bleed off all traffic above the POP's allowed levels-
Increase capacity-
Employ a distributed caching system-

That's about it as far as I can see.

"Scott McGrath" wrote:
> What to we need to do to nip this one in the bud
> "Henry R. Linneweh" wrote:
>> If this is the case then lets kick butt now
>> before they have a chance to start
>> ?Hactivists? plan DDoS Web attack
>> Electrohippies? software could be as effective as
>> distributed denial of service tools used in last
>> month?s Web attacks.

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