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Re: Trojan Alert was: Check this

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Thu Mar 09 16:47:32 2000

At Thursday 03:53 PM 3/9/00 , Hermann Wecke wrote:
>At 15:28 09/03/2000 -0500, Kai Schlichting wrote:
>>Can someone with a lucky hand in Visual Basic actually tell us what
>>the trojan attachment we saw (LINKS2.VBS) we saw (full mail headers
>>included, in case Shawn hasn't seen them yet) actually does.
>Check at NAI:
> <>

Note the warning on that page: ensure that scanning for .VBS files
is on, unless you have it configured to scan for ALL files.

The warning is very applicable to Norton AV as well:
My Norton AV is up to date, and the default is NOT to scan for .VBS
files (!) How could they miss that. I can't recall changing the
scan settings from 'all' to 'some' files either. Looks like we
have a real winning worm here that evades detection by lamely
configured virus scanners - what the real default scan settings
are is YTBD. Meanwhile, NETWORK.VBS is marching on.