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Re: Napster and others...

  • From: Scott McGrath
  • Date: Tue Mar 07 14:40:42 2000

As a member of the dreaded 'Corporate America' and a end user I need to block it
for now because of
1 excessive b/w usage.

2. "Mr J. Random Engineer did you knowingly allow a service to enter your
premises which allowed my clients intellectual property to be infringed yes or

We need a system which allows "internet radio" for legitimate content and allows
us to control bandwidth usage on end-user networks.

The common carriers have an entirely different set of needs and to keep their
common carrier exemption they cannot do anything about "excessive traffic"
besides if your customers want more of your product (bandwidth) more power
to them assuming of course that you have a method to charge for it!

Shawn McMahon wrote:

> At 09:48 AM 3/7/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >When you have limited bandwidth you need to ensure that it is used for
> >what it is purchased for (email access to network based resources etc) and
> >also as
> >Napster moves MP3's you need to ensure that your facilities are not used for
> >infringement on other's intellectualproperty so that you and your
> >organization are
> >not sued by rapacious lawyers unfortunate but there it is here is a short
> >list in
> >ACL format of Napster and other MP3 servers.
> It is not possible to do either, and by undertaking to do so you open
> yourself up to legal liabilities that otherwise wouldn't exist.
> On the other hand, if you block things that are consuming excessive
> bandwidth, you're in good shape.